Our Promise tothe Customer

A Unique Proposition

Smartworld’s pioneering real estate concepts spring from a focus on customer satisfaction, accomplished through a never-ending spirit of innovation and underpinned by technology and efficiency. Inspired by great minds and best practices from all over the world, it has led to the creation of spaces that build on modern lifestyle trends of greater customization and seamless integration of the different aspects of life. Beyond meeting the contemporary needs of residents, Smartworld will create urban real estate assets that serve the evolving requirements of inhabitants of the future as well.

The Promise and the Performance

Future Ready Organization

  • Hire for longevity
  • Best HR practices
  • Growth mind-set
  • Understand future customer needs

Agile Decision Making

  • Well defined SOP/DOA
  • Goals with Balanced Scorecard
  • Analytics-based decision making
  • Robust conflict management

Shorter Construction Cycle

  • Optimized pre-construction planning
  • Standardization
  • Use of technology for construction

Top Real Estate Brand of World-Standard

  • Strive to establish a respectable brand through 360 deg. approach
  • Work to increase recall
  • Identify a brand USP and consistently deliver

Expertise through Partners

Tomorrow’s world is all about co-creation. We do not believe that any corporate or nation would have the self-sufficiency to execute mammoth goals without the buy-in of like-minded partners and nations. Therefore, Smartworld will seek partnerships with corporates, vendors and clients. These are companies with global, international, or domain acclaim who are aggressively leading change in their respective fields and would either be scale or thought leaders. In India, “Smartworld” has partnered with some renowned industry leaders for its First Project which are:


Piramal Capital & Housing Finance provides both wholesale and retail funding opportunities across sectors. In real estate, the company provides housing finance and other financing solutions across the entire capital stack.


IIFL Housing Finance Limited represents the financial sector’s renewed enthusiasm for affordable housing finance. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of IIFL Finance Limited brings the requisite insight and administrative finesse to augment liquidity and housing finance solutions.

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